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Cleaning a Rain Gutter

Gutter Cleaning Services

Proudly serving Truro, New Glasgow & the HRM.

Why clean your gutters?

 Your gutter system will eventually fill up with sludge, shingles, leaves, and other debris. If the gutter becomes full of debris or clogged it will cause severe water damage to the roof or home when water begins to overflow from the gutter system. In winter months, it can freeze and split and crack your gutters.

Cleaning a Rain Gutter

How we clean your gutters

We start the gutter cleaning process by first removing all heavy debris, followed by snaking the downspout. We ensure the downspout is free and clear of obstructions, and that the drain system is flowing as it should. Once this is completed, we flush the entire gutter system.

How often should you clean your gutters?

This is completely dependent on your surroundings. If you have a lot of trees surrounding your home, you may have to have your gutters cleaned 4-6 times per year. If this is not the case, typically having them cleaned once in the spring, and once in the fall will suffice.

Gutter Brightening

If you notice your gutters becoming black, green, or streaks are beginning to form, you may need our gutter brightening service. We’re able to bring the face of almost any gutter back to life. 

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