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Mobile Compost Bin Cleaning

How It Works


Step 1: Arrival

Once your appointment is booked we come to you the day after your bin is emptied by a local disposal company with our self-contained & mobile unit. 

Step 2: Cleaning

Your compost bin is lifted above our specialized cleaning head, the bin is then cleaned with high pressure hot water.  No chemicals needed! All waste water, and solids from the green bin are caught in a holding tank in the back of our truck, leaving no mess behind. 


Step 3: Done!

We apply a scented deodorizer and leave your   freshly cleaned bin curbside. 


Residential Cleaning

For private homes

Monthly Clean

$19.99 per cleaning

Bi-weekly Clean

$14.99 per cleaning

One-Time Clean

$49.99 per cleaning

Rates for commercial clientele depends on frequency of cleanings, number of bins, and location.

Please contact us for a quote.

Commercial Cleaning

For businesses.

Why should you clean your compost bin?

There is evidence showing that frequent garbage bin cleaning is required to reduce the risk of different biological infections from waste containers. 

We suggest that you clean your bins at least once a month.  During the summer/warmer months compost bins are perfect breeding grounds for germs and bacteria, attracting insects, rodents, and more.


Eliminate these hazards with our professional bin cleaning service. Satisfaction guaranteed!


Choose 360 Mobile Wash for guaranteed satisfaction! 

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